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Galt Area Historical Society
Non-Profit Organization & Government Entity
Application for Outdoor Events


This form is used to apply for a non-profit organization (hereinafter 'Non-Profit') booth space at an OUTDOOR event sponsored by the Galt Area Historical Society, Inc., a private non-profit corporation (hereinafter "Organizer"). The following terms and conditions apply to any Non-Profit selected to participate in Organizer's event.  Non-Profit selects an individual event above in which to participate (hereinafter known as "Designated Event" or "Event").

Non-Profit organizations seeking to obtain a space from Organizer at a Designated Event are required to demonstrate non-profit status with the Internal Revenue Service and California Department of Justice.  Non-profit Organizations may find their status by checking the California Department of Justice Charitable Organization website at the following link:  State Charity Registration Verification

Designated Event is OUTDOORS AND OCCURS RAIN OR SHINE.  Organizer makes no warranty as to weather conditions for the Designated Event.

SETUP for Non-Profits begins at 7:00 a.m. on the day of the Event.  Non-Profit may bring a single vehicle to their designated space to unload and then must immediately park their vehicle in the vendor parking area and then commence with setting up their booth.  No vehicles are allowed in the Non-Profit space area during the Designated Event. 

Event concludes at 2:00 p.m.  Please first tear down your booth and then proceed to bring your car to your booth space to load. 

Non-profit booth space is for promotion of the Non-Profit services or activities.  Sales are not permitted at the Non-Profit space.  Non-profits that desire to conduct sales must use the regular vendor application process and are subject to space rental fees.

The Non-Profit's application may be rejected if not complete.

Booth space is only guaranteed upon completion and acceptance of the non-profit application by the Organizer.  

The Non-Profit is only being provided a space and is required to bring all other materials necessary to set up their booth.  The Non-Profit is responsible to provide tables, chairs, a canopy or canopies, and all setup and display materials.

Open flame and/or bar-b-ques or other types of cooking stoves are not permitted in any spaces.  

Booth space sizes are 10’ x 10’ please plan accordingly.  All Non-Profit's display items must fit within the designated booth space including without limitation all display materials, signage and personal belongings. 

ALL CANOPIES must be secured at each corner with a 10-pound weight.  Canopies will not be allowed to be set up if the corners are not secured with a 10-pound weight.  

No electricity is available for the Non-Profit's space.  No generators are allowed.

Non-profit understands and agrees that the Event Organizer is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged equipment, display items and materials, or personal belongings.  Organizer is not responsible for accident and or injury to Non-Profit's employees, volunteers, or guests, or associates of non-profits.

RELEASE OF LIABILITY.  I, the undersigned representative of the above named Non-Profit, making application to participate in the Designated Event, hereby indemnify and hold harmless the Galt Area Historical Society, Inc., and County of Sacramento and their respective officers, officials, employees, agents, and volunteers from and against judgements, and liabilities arising, directly or indirectly, from my participation in this Designated Event.

Thanks for submitting!

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