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About Us:

The main goal of the Galt Area Historical Society (GAHS) is “Preserving the Irreplaceable”.

The membership in the GAHS has grown from four people in 1986 to more than 300 members today.  It started because of concerns that older people who knew the history of the area were dying off.  Founding members were concerned with preserving the South Sacramento Valley’s history for future generations.  Members work on preservation of history covering the areas of Arno, Clay, Colony, Elliott, Galt, Herald, Hicksville, Liberty and Thornton.  All funds raised go toward preservation!

Galt Area Historical Society Logo with historic water tower

The GAHS have accomplished a lot in the past thirty years including:

  • Restored the Rae House on Oak Street and created a museum filled with artifacts from the area

  • Restored the Liberty and Elliott pioneer cemeteries

  • Identified and dedicated thirteen local historical landmarks

  • Created a video on the history of the Galt area (available on DVD)

  • Leased the McFarland Living History Ranch (MLHR) and 35 acres of farm land

  • Restored the McFarland House and six buildings on the grounds

  • In cooperation with the Galt Elementary School District, developed an education visitation program at the McFarland Living History Ranch to complement the School District’s California History curriculum (3,000 to 5,000 children from Central Valley schools visit the MLHR every year)

  • Archived over 1,000 historical photographs

Thanks to the great spirit of voluntarism among our members, the Society is continuing their work of preservation by:

  • Building much needed new bathrooms at the MLHR spearheaded by Ron and Francis Jacobson

  • Obtaining architect drawings and estimates on building a Barn/Learning Center at the MLRH to be in the style of a “California A Frame”

  • Maintaining the Rae House Museum and rose garden

  • Maintaining the MHLR house, outlying buildings and grounds

  • Maintaining two pioneer cemeteries

  • Identifying additional historical landmarks in outlying areas of Galt

  • Seeking and preserving  more photographs, oral and written histories, and artifacts

Historic Galt, California water tower
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